Our Mission

Our Vision

Children have a unique way of seeing the world as colorful and exciting even in times of sickness and difficulty. They are resilient and see hope no matter what the circumstances. Our vision is to develop programs that allow children and others see the power of giving. It is more rewarding to the giver than to the person or organization that received the act of kindness.

We believe that people and organizations like to give to local causes. There are an overwhelming number of organizations that do good deeds, however, getting the attention and support can be difficult. Some organizations fear giving because they become inundated with requests. Moore for Kids will work with businesses to raise funds for those organizations that support our mission. Raising awareness for organizations will allow us to color the world with kindness, one town at a time.

Are you an individual or organization looking to give? Contact us at info@MooreForKids.org or on our contact page.

We believe an act of kindness
can change someone’s world...

Moore for Kids was founded in 2007 by Kristi and Robert Moore

Our core belief is that we have a duty to help those in need

Moore for Kids

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